Infochola Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

  • Infochola Code of Conduct and Business Ethics includes expectations and is designed to assist the employees to understand their responsibilities and obligations and provide guidance to follow the expected behavior in the workplace towards their colleagues, supervisors and the overall Organization.
  • This code of conduct helps maintaining the standards of business conduct of Infochola Solutions Private Limited, to deter any wrong activities and promote a healthy business environment.
  • This Policy is indicative and the employees of Infochola are advised to be aware of the specific responsibilities as applicable per laws of the land.
Infochola Solutions Overview

Message from the CEO

Infochola Solutions right from the day one is determined to focus on simplifying the technology and delivering it to our customers in an efficient and effective way. Our rich experience and passion combined with a great value of commitment to transparency emphasize our high level of customer satisfaction. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives have given a big positive impact on our employees and for all the customers to whom we are serving.

We are committed to achieving innovation and technology excellence, which will give us a strong competitive edge in the market and help us take our next great leap forward.We provide innovative solutions that helps businesses across various industries such as Engineering & Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Energy & Renewables, Retails & Consumer Products, Construction, Banking and Financial Sector, are few among our list.

We focus on innovative and cutting-edge technologies and solutions like IT Support, IT services, Disaster Recovery Solutions , Cloud technology, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Services, E-Commerce solutions and many more, in improving the IT Standards of our customers to make them compete and lead their market, focusing on transition to digital transformation.

We understand that customers are not just looking for solutions, but something more than that which will help them solving complex business issues, relevant solutions to enhance their business goals and a clutter free IT environment that helps to grow their business on a long run. We at Infochola have a dedicated, research professionals strategically exploring the latest technologies and translate the complex new technologies into tangible solutions that makes a dramatic increase in the business benefits for our customers.

With a highly- motivated and experienced team that stretches across Singapore and India, we adopt and implement the latest technologies that makes the life of a business simple and keep-going in an extra-ordinary pace.

We are happy to secure this place and we express our sincere thanks to the confidence and trust our customers have kept in us. Our objective and sincere commitment is to become a company that makes our customers to be more proud of and we are committed to pledge all of you.