What is Microsoft Exchange Server and how does it help your business?

What is Microsoft Exchange? Microsoft Exchange is a messaging platform developed by Microsoft which contains mail server, mailing applications, and group applications. What is Microsoft Exchange Server? Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server and calendaring server developed by Microsoft. It runs only on Windows Server operating systems. Exchange server is often used along with Microsoft…

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Cloud In The Workplace – How Cloud helping The Way We Work

Cloud computing has changed the way we work every day. Cloud computing technologies made it easier to collaborate with colleagues from anywhere at any time. We no longer carry around storage devices or print multiple pages of documents. The cloud is transforming our work environment, moving towards digital transformation. Day to Day interactions among people…

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Safeguard Your Business with Disaster Recovery Solutions

Are you prepared for Disaster Recovery and How long it will take for your Business to recover?

Are you prepared and How long it will take for your Business to recover? Disaster Recovery helps the businesses to overcome any kind of unexpected or undesired events that may be caused due to a Natural disaster such as fire, flood, Earthquake, Tornado or Human intervention such as malware attacks, Ransomeware Threats, Account Hijacking, data…

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